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Welcome to The Clare Milne Trust

The Clare Milne Trust supports people living with disabilities in Devon and Cornwall.


The Clare Milne Trust is a grant giving charity that aims to provide financial assistance to support people of all ages in overcoming barriers to living a full and active life.

The Trust does this by making grants to registered charities and non profit making organisations which work directly with people who have disabilities and who are based in Devon or Cornwall .

The Trust focuses its grant giving on small effective charities and non profit making organisations that have good volunteer support.

The Trustees strive to offer fair and equitable scrutiny of all applications received.

Clare Milne, the granddaughter of Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne, had a disability and had therefore experienced the benefits that are garnered from well run and committed charities.

The Trust was established in 1999 with funds derived from her grandfather, A.A. Milne. Unfortunately Clare died in 2012, but her legacy continues.

In the words of Clare's late mother, Lesley Milne, "My dream is to know that my girl will be remembered for something that brings happiness where it is most needed.”

Could The Clare Milne Trust help with your next project?

The Clare Milne Trust awards grants to registered charities and non profit making organisations working with people with disabilities in Devon or Cornwall.


If you meet this criteria, we may be able to offer support to your project.

Find out more about our application process here.

Grant Application Deadlines

We will strive to offer as much support to as many organisations and charities as we can.

This will be through our normal application review process, which occurs every three months.

We will continue to carefully review all applications in respect of our trust objects and values for those living within Devon and Cornwall. 

Please contact the trust secretary, Emma Houlding, on 01395 270418, who will endeavour to assist with any urgent enquiries.

The Trustees review grant applications 4 times per year. Please make a note of the deadlines shown below:

Trustee meeting Wednesday 25th January 2023 - grant application deadline Wednesday 4th January 2023

Trustee meeting Wednesday 26th April 2023 - grant application deadline Monday 3rd April 2023

Trustee meeting Wednesday 19th July 2023 - grant application deadline Monday 26th June 2023

Trustee meeting Wednesday 18th October 2023 - grant application deadline Monday 25th September 2023

Applications will only be accepted on the new Clare Milne Trust application form.

Click here to download the new application form.

Contact The Trust

The Clare Milne Trust


Ladram Road




01395 270418

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