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Application Guidelines

In order to apply for a grant from The Clare Milne Trust your organisation should be a registered charity based within the South West, or directly benefitting people living in the South West. The Trustees will occassionally consider an application from a CIC (community interest company). A CIC should follow the same application process as a registered charity.

During this difficult time The Clare Milne Trust recognises that Covid 19 poses great challenges.

We will strive to offer as much support to as many organisations and charities as we can.

This will be through our normal application review process, which occurs every three months.

We will continue to carefully review all applications in respect of our trust objects and values for those living within Devon and Cornwall. 

Please contact the trust secretary, Emma Houlding, on 01395 270418, who will endeavour to assist with any urgent enquiries.

The Trustees prefer applicants to follow these guidelines.

When you are ready to submit your application please complete our standard application form.

Please send this together with a covering letter (on your letterhead) to the secretary. You may also include further suppporting information (no more than 2 sides of A4) and a budget.

An application form and supporting documents should be submitted by email to the secretary, Emma Houlding.

A postal application will be accepted, but email applications are preferred.

Emma Houlding

The Clare Milne Trust


Ladram Road




The Trustees do not normally consider grant applications of less than £2,500.00. Applications for projects in Devon or Cornwall which are seeking a grant of less than £2,500.00 may apply to  the Clare Milne funding programmes managed by the Devon Community Foundation and the Cornwall Community Foundation.

Please note that sucessful applicants should wait two years between each application for grant funding from The Clare Milne Trust. The exact details will be included in your grant receipt letter.

Click on the button below to download a PDF application form.

Click on the button below to download a Word application form.

Applications should:

1. State clearly who the organisation or body applying to us is, what they do and whom they seek to help.

2. Give the applicant's status, e.g., registered charity.

3. If you are applying for general funding, how many people will be helped or will benefit?

4. If you are applying to fund a project, describe the project clearly.  Please state;

  • Its aim and why it is needed.

  • How many people will benefit from it.

  • What stage has it reached so far.

  • What funds have already been raised and name any other people or organisations which have been applied to for funding.

  • If on-going funding is required after the project is in place, please explain from where this will be obtained.

5. Please state the amount sought.

Next Trustee Meeting - 26th January 2022

All grant applications are assessed in a quarterly trustee meeting.

New grant applications will be considered at the trustee meeting on Wednesday 26th January 2022, please ensure that your application reaches the registered office or is sent via email to arrive no later than Wednesday 5th January 2022.

Applications will only be accepted on the new Clare Milne Trust application form. The application form is available above

or can be downloaded here.

Please send your application form to

Please note, any applications received after this date will be considered at the next quarterly trustee meeting.