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Our Funding Criteria

Could The Clare Milne Trust Support Your Project?

We support

  • Registered charities which benefit people with disabilities

  • Projects located in the South West, benefitting people who live in Devon and Cornwall

We are looking for local and regional charities, which are

  • Small and well run

  • Charities with strong support from volunteers

  • Charities with only modest expenditure on fundraising and administration

The Clare Milne Trust will only support charities and organisations who recognise that safeguarding is everyone's business. It Is The Clare Milne Trust's expectation that all charities and organisations will take responsible steps to safeguard all their own staff and volunteers as well as those people whom they support.

The Clare Milne Trust recently introduced a safeguarding declaration for successful applicants. Please ensure that any DBS checks and safeguarding training is up to date when applying for funding.

Click here to find examples of charities which have made successful applications.


We tend not to offer grants to national or other larger charities although on occasion we have supported such charities in specific local projects.

The Trustees do not normally consider grant applications of less than £2,500.00. Applications for projects in Devon or Cornwall which are seeking a grant of less than £2,500.00 may apply to  the Clare Milne funding programmes managed by the Devon Community Foundation and the Cornwall Community Foundation.

Our Trustees meet four times annually, and a response to applications will be given following the Trustees' meeting. Our aim is to contact applicants with our decision within two weeks from the date of the Trustee meeting.

Please note that sucessful applicants should wait two years between each application for grant funding from The Clare Milne Trust. The exact details will be included in your grant receipt letter.

If you would like to apply please click here for details.

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Next Trustee Meeting - 26th April 2023

All grant applications are assessed in a quarterly trustee meeting.

New grant applications will be considered at the trustee meeting on Wednesday 26th April 2023, please ensure that your application reaches the registered office or is sent via email to arrive no later than Monday 3rd April 2023.

Applications will only be accepted on the new Clare Milne Trust application form. The application form can be downloaded here.

Please note, any applications received after this date will be considered at the next quarterly trustee meeting.

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